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The iBannboo Co., Ltd bamboo toothbrush factory stablished in 2012 wihch is growing throughout the world; We are concentrating on Eco products like bamboo toothbrush, Bamboo makeup remover pads and so on. “Now it is more than 5.000 million plastic toothbrushes are produced every year, most of them go directly to landfill. Just a small part is recycled. you can check ” Plastic toothbrush VS Bamboo toothbrushMost of us have not been made aware. But there are other alternatives out there now, It is bamboo toothbrush, so with its great characteristics, functionality, and biodegradable composition. Not much later, The iBannboo was founded.

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Our Mission

A bamboo toothbrush to save our Planet

My Mission, Your Mission, Our Mission.

We want to inspire people to transform from mindless consumption into conscious decisions. We exist to create thoughtful, sustainable and elegant everyday products.Our whole business is based on the basis of transparency, trust and respect. Not only towards our planet but also towards the people that make iBannboo possible

The environment and the protection of sentient beings is our passion. We strive to be ethical in our decision making and transparent with customers. ​ Plastic pollution is everywhere. It is estimated that all sea animals have eaten microfibers, and many of us have seen the pictures of decomposing birds with plastic pieces in their belly. if you would like to know more about “why Bamboo” .

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    1% for the ocean

    There is no Planet B. , iBannboo encourages a circular economy and a sustainable way of living for a better future. With every purchase you will make a difference by reducing single-use plastic pollution, and we will donate a part of our sales to Ocean Conservancy, to preserve and protect our blue planet. maybe it just a small step, but every one of you will make it huge!