Brushing your teeth is something everybody has to do every day. Are you doing it right? Most of them complain that their teeth are sensitive and sour. After consultation and inspection, they found that these patients generally have problems with cold water brushing, gargle habits and incorrect brushing methods.

Warm water close to body temperature
It is the daily habit of many people to open the tap and rinse their mouth after brushing. We recommend that you brush your teeth with warm water close to your body temperature. The water temperature is too hot or too cold, which will irritate the mouth and teeth. Dentin is sensitive and prone to tooth aches. Brushing your teeth with warm water not only removes food debris or bacteria from your mouth, but also moisturizes your throat, keeping your mouth fresh and comfortable. Brushing your teeth with warm water is good for cleaning and protecting your mouth.

Brushing your teeth every day is not correct may still have dental disease
Although brushing your teeth is the most effective way to maintain oral hygiene, if you do not brush your teeth correctly, not only will the effect be greatly reduced, but you may even cause damage to your teeth and gums.

There are many middle-aged and elderly patients in the outpatient department, all of them have root root wear and depression, gum atrophy, and even dental caries! For example, a 60-year-old Aber visited a doctor a few days ago, and Aber was very helpless to say that he worked hard to brush his teeth after three meals a day, but in recent years still often have sensitive teeth and dental cavity decay. The tooth roots are worn and depressed, the gums are severely atrophy, and the tooth decay and other conditions.

Inappropriate brushing habits cause dental problems

Commonly used inappropriate brushing habits include: violent lateral brushing, not using an appropriate toothbrush, not regularly replacing new toothbrushes, and brushing time is too short. Dr. Guo Jiawei said that cleaning the oral cavity mainly depends on the toothbrush and floss. The toothbrush mainly cleans the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth. The dental floss needs to be cleaned with dental floss. A toothbrush and floss can be added once if necessary, brushing your teeth three times a day for at least three minutes each time, preferably within three minutes after a meal.

Pay attention to brushing your teeth Family members cannot share toothbrushes
As for the suitable force for brushing teeth, it is probably the power of holding an ice popsicle (about 200 grams). Too much force will cause teeth and gum damage. How often does the toothbrush need to be changed? Toothbrush is very easy to breed bacteria. It is recommended to rinse the toothbrush after brushing. The head of the toothbrush should face up and dry in a dry place. When the root of the toothbrush becomes darker, the bristles are deformed, or there is an odor, it should be Replacement, it is best to replace the new toothbrush at least two or three months.

Special remind everyone, when someone in the family has flu or cold, try to avoid sharing toothpaste with other family members, the toothbrush should also be placed separately to avoid touching other family members, and after the cold is cured, a new toothbrush should be replaced To avoid re-infection with the virus on your toothbrush.

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