Project Description

Natural Organic Bamboo Comb Set,Handmade Hair Brush & Comb with Fine & Wide Tooth, Anti-Static & None-Tangled Hair, for Straight Curly Dry Wet Thick Hair


$150≥500 pcs
  • $1.35 ≥1000 pcs
  • $1.30 ≥5000 pcs

3 pcs

$390≥500 sets
  • $3.80 ≥1000 sets
  • $3.70 ≥5000 sets

6 Pcs

$670≥500 sets
  • $6.60≥1000 sets
  • $6.50≥5000 sets

️Iterm No. : BC005
Material: 100% Bamboo
Optional:  Wide tooth combs/wide&fine tooth comb/slim tooth comb/Massage Hair Brush Comb/kids massage hair brush/ oral massage hair brush
Packaging: Paper box/ opp bag/ plastic box

  • SCALP MASSAGE: The hair brush detangles your hair with least effort, thus offering a painless brushing experience. It also massages the scalp and improves blood circulation, which is the best activity to promote natural hair growth. Hence eventually hair breakage, split ends and hair loss is minimized.
  • MADE FROM 100% BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL – Made from premium quality organic bamboo wood, this bamboo brush comes with lots of natural properties that would be beneficial for your hair. Odor-resistance and natural properties, your hair will greatly benefit your hair while staying safe to use for the environment.
  • MAKES HAIR HEALTHIER AND SHINIER – Shiny and bouncier hair makes it much easier for you to prep for the morning! No need to spend hours combing your tresses when you have a wooden hairbrush with pins that will make your hair look glossy and full of life!
  • LESS STATIC MEANS LESS FRIZZY HAIR – Prevent your hair from getting frizzy causing your hair to get more tangles or the edges to fly away! This Bamboo Hair brush with wooden pins is all you need to keep away static electrical charges from ruining your hair!
  • FINE & WIDE TOOTH: This hair comb provide the ultimate versatility in styling your hair or beard. This comb is perfect for short, medium, long, thin, thick, curly, straight or any type. The comb has two parts, wide and fine teeth, which is very helpful for you to solve the problem of hair knotting in time

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