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100% Organic Reusable makeup remover pads With Washable Laundry Bag Cotton Pads for Toner Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cotton Pad for All Skin Types


$04≥500 pcs
  • $0.32 ≥1000 pcs
  • $0.27 ≥5000 pcs

5 pcs

$145≥500 sets
  • $1.43 ≥1000 sets
  • $1.40 ≥5000 sets

16 Pcs

$465≥500 sets
  • $4.50 ≥1000 sets
  • $4.30≥5000 sets

️Iterm No. : BM008
Material: 70% Bamboo + 30% Cotton
Optional: 100% Cotton, Hemp Cotton, Bamboo Terry, Bamboo Charcoal, Bamboo Velour
Packaging: Cotton Mesh Bag, Kraft Paper Box, Bamboo Holder, Round Paper Box, Paper Wrapping

WALLET AND ECO FRIENDLY: 16 Zero Many reusable cotton rounds can help you save up to 3600 disposable facial wipes, sponges or towelettes! Think about the waste you won’t generate and the savings you will enjoy with just a one-time purchase of these reusable cotton rounds makeup remover pads.

GENTLE ON ALL SKIN: Made from a mix of high-quality cotton and bamboo, these reusable face pads feel soft, fluffy on your skin (even delicate baby skin), while cleaning deep into your pores to effectively remove traces of eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, sunscreen and other facial gunk. Works on waterproof cosmetics too.

STAY FRESH-FACED EVERYWHERE: Just like conventional cosmetic cotton pads but without waste, Zero Many washable makeup pads are ultra-lightweight and convenient to go into your travel bag, gym bag, or luggage for effective makeup removal or freshening up wherever you go.

The bamboo cotton pads allow easy removal of makeup around the eyes, nose, forehead, cheeks, neck, and chin. Great to clean makeup, lipstick, mascara, dirt, apply toners, lighteners, removing nail polish and even for cleaning glasses, smart-phone and laptop screens

Send these makeup eraser to your family and friends as a gift for birthday, Christmas. Recommend these environmentally friendly cleaning pads to them as an alternative to disposals and protect the Earth together.

Our reusable face pads are made of 2-layers eco-friendly organic bamboo cotton, super soft and absorbent but also aren’t rough, suitable for skin types. They also hold a great amount of product including makeup remover, face wash, toner and easy to clean them up completely

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