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Bamboo Dog Toothbrush Double-Sided Pet Toothbrush Soft Bristles Pet Tooth Brush Dual-Head Puppy Toothbrush for Pets Dogs Cats Kittens


$062≥500 pcs





️Item No. : BBD001
Material: Bamboo
Size: 21*2cmm
Packaging: Cottong Mesh Bag, Kraft Paper Box, Bamboo Holder, Round Paper Box, Paper Wrapping

  • Sufficient quantity: the package contains 6 pieces bamboo double-head dog toothbrushes, Sufficient quantity can meet your pet’s daily needs and replacements, and you can also share with friends who have pets
  • Reliable material: the dog cat toothbrush head is made of quality nylon bristles, which is soft and reliable for pets to use, and it will not scratch your pet’s teeth and oral cavity; And the long handle is made of bamboo, which is sturdy, durable and safe
  • Comfy grip: the 2-ended dog toothbrush is designed with a long handle, which will give you a comfy grip when you brush your pet’s teeth, and you can also have good control of the toothbrush, making it handy for you to hold
  • Keep pet’s teeth healthy: these pet toothbrushes are good for cleaning your pet’s teeth; After feeding your dog, you can brush your dog’s teeth to keep its teeth and oral health, helpful tools for most pets in daily life
  • Suitable size: the bamboo dog toothbrush is designed in double heads with different sizes, which are suitable for most sizes of dogs and cats; Each head is designed to clean pup teeth of different shapes and sizes; You can also use one of them to clean the dog paws

Are you caring for your pet’s oral health?

Your furry friends like to soothe their teeth by chewing on anything and everything they can find. That’s why it isn’t uncommon for plaque to build up fairly quickly. Sadly, it can get difficult to find the right toothbrush for keeping their oral health in check.

Your pet’s dental layout isn’t exactly the same as yours and it can be difficult to get into those hard-to-reach areas and sharp edges. What you need is a reliable brush to keep your furry companion’s teeth and gums as clean as possible.

Say hello to healthy teeth and gums with the Ibannboo Pets Bamboo Dog Toothbrush.

Poor dental health can lead to a host of health problems for your pet that can be painful and, in some cases, even life-threatening. Protect your fur buddy by helping them maintain their oral well-being. Our bamboo pet toothbrush features two heads (one small and one large) to help with brushing hard-to-reach areas.

Unlike other plastic pet brushes on the market, we use sustainably sourced bamboo and soft bristles that don’t contain BPA or other harmful chemicals. Each toothbrush is made with the environment in mind! You don’t have to worry about harming Mother Nature with disposable brushes anymore.

The biggest problem with plastic brushes is that they’re often flimsy and difficult to hold especially when your hands get wet. Our dog toothbrush has an extra-long 8.5-inch wood handle that helps you grasp it better so you can get the job done more efficiently. It’s also made with tough bamboo that won’t easily break!

Here are more reasons for you to love our pet brushes:

🐶 Perfect for cats and dogs of any size
🐱 Packed individually
🐶 Ideal gift for pet owners

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