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Natural Loofah Kitchen Dishwashing Sponge, Compostable Cleaning Scouring Pad 100% Natural Plant Fiber can Effectively Remove Oil Stains and Stubborn Stains


$072≥100 pcs



1000 Pcs

$058≥1000 Pcs

️Item No. : LS002
Material: Loofah + Cotton
Packaging: Bulk Pack, Cotton Bag, Paper Wrap, Kraft paper box

  • Green and environmentally friendly 100% pure plant fiber material, biodegradable natural scrubber, compostable and reusable kitchen cleaning sponge brush. It swells and becomes soft when exposed to water, non-stick oil, no scratches and wear, and the surface texture can be used for bathing and showering to exfoliate and clean the skin.
  • Quick Oil Removal: Because of the unique texture structure inside the sponge gourd sponge, it can remove stubborn grease stains, such as cleaning barbecue utensils, clips, knives, etc. Compared with plastic sponges, it is easier to decompose grease stains. Easy to wash and not hurt your hands is a good helper for kitchen cleaning products.
  • Multi-Purpose: The natural eco-friendly loofah cleaning sponge can be used to clean non-stick pans, pots, dishes, cups, glass scratched utensils, quickly clean bathtubs and sinks, and clean countertops and floors. You can also scrub foods such as vegetables and fruits, adapting to various home life scenes.
  • Convenient Durable: The size of each cleaning loofah sponge pad is 2.76 inches x 4.33 inches, which is easy to grasp, and there is a lanyard on the side for easy hanging and quick drying for the next use. Avoid placing it on the side of the sink, as it is easy to breed bacteria.
  • Loofah is a cleaning tool that has been passed down for thousands of years in China. Pure plant fiber does not hurt hands and has no plastic residues and has a wide range of uses. Protect the environment with zero pollutio

Warm reminder:

  • Before using for the first time, immerse the loofah sponge in water to make it swell and soften, then the tableware can be cleaned.
  • Rinse the loofah pad with water after each use and hang it to dry.

Why Choose Our Kitchen Loofah

✔ Made of only natural and recycled materials without plastic packaging, eliminates ocean, plastic and air pollution.

✔ Loofah sponge is soft and easy to use, non-scratch for even delicate glassware

✔ Natural sponges are the perfect alternative to synthetic plastic sponges.

Suggested Use Method:

1) Immerse the loofah in water.

2) Gently squeeze the loofah with hands (if applicable, wipe with soap)

3) Hang the loofah in a dry place for next use after using.


The loofah will become hard when it is dry, once it gets wet, it will become soft and have strong absorption.


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