Eco friendly and durable

With this tough but elegant, rose gold metal safety razor your shave will last much longer than from a typical plastic disposable razor. Plastic disposable razors are not recyclable, but our metal steel razor is durable, reusable, and will many for years. When the double edge blade dulls, you simply replace it with a new stainless steel blade, recycle the old blade and continue to shave.

Effortlessly achieve a close shave

The ergonomic design with a long handle design enables you to shave with excellent control and perfect precision. The weight and the balance of the razor mean it does most of the work for you. Simply hold the razor at about a 30-degree angle, and let the razor glide smoothly like a leaf across your skin. The included user’s e-manual guides you to the smoothest shave possible. Our saftey razor is perfect for beginners and longtime users alike, so order one today and give the gift of a close, clean shave to the one you love!

Black and rose gold double edge safety razors would be the best combination gift for lovers and couples. You can consider them as a souvenir and keep a great memory in these safety razors. When you do grooming every morning, your beloved one will come to your mind and make you fresh and full of energy, which is of great importance to your new day job.

Double edge razor offers the Maximum shaving experience by lifting and removing the hair follicles making it possible for the users to get the best experience with the closest and cleanest shave possible. With its unique texture grip, this metal shaving razor offers a solid comfortable grip, enabling you to shave with excellent control and perfect precision.

 Ibannboo take customers’ shopping experience into consideration, so 5 standard blades are included in the box and you don’t need to waste time to buy extra blades. Besides, theses razor blades will not easily rust these days as they are made of stainless steel with rust-resistant coatings. (One blade for four to six shaves)

The razor is nicely balanced and features a simple mechanical design. Loading and unloading the razor is also easy. You just need to unscrew the head from the grip, take the top part off and put a razor in the bottom part and then screw tightly the head into the grip.

Not like plastic and disposable razors which are impossible to recycle and harmful to our mother earth. Zomchi safety razor is made to fight against the gigantic amounts of disposable razors which are sent to landfill every year. All you need to do is to replace the blades which can be recycled. This could save you a lot of money over those multi-blade plastic razors.